Why CG Focus List?

CG Focus List is a free service providing succinct introductions to compelling investment ideas in the increasingly under-followed “smicrocap” market segment.  Alerts are emailed to CG Focus List subscribers and then posted to the website www.cgfocuslist.com.

Focus List ideas are sourced from the smartest analysts and investors we know, and boiled down into one-page Alerts that provide the “what and why” for you to decide if you want to pursue the idea. We plan for one or two Alerts per month, the frequency dictated solely by the quality of ideas we encounter. Focus List ideas will be mostly longer-term in nature and generally with the potential to double in price within three years or less.  Follow up coverage will be limited to idea performance unless we receive information warranting further communication.

CG Focus List is an independent service of Catalyst Gobal LLC, a New York-based capital markets consulting firm with a focus on investor relations.  We launched CG Focus List because there remains a void for high quality new idea generation in the small and micro cap space. It also formalizes the most common of Wall Street practices which is to share your favorite stock ideas with colleagues. Selfishly, the service provides a constructive way to build our firm’s profile and value by expanding our engagement with investors and prospective clients and providing a new and credible source of curated investment ideas.

Of course, without your support, the CG Focus List will cease to exist, so please spread the word and keep your well-researched stock ideas coming.  We prefer to name the source of each idea but will respect your wishes if that is not possible.  Thank you very much for your interest and support.


David C. Collins
CG Focus List

Please contact us with any questions or stock suggestions at:
                212 924 9800

Disclosures:  CG Focus List is a service of Catalyst Global LLC, a New York-based capital markets consulting firm.  CG Focus List investment Alerts are for information purposes only and are not recommendations to buy or sell a particular security. Investors are urged to conduct their own research and analysis on all CG Focus List ideas, and to consult with their financial advisor, prior to initiating any investment.

The decision to issue a CG Focus List report is independent of any business relationship with Catalyst Global LLC, and is based solely on the soundness and timing of the investment idea.  There is no obligation to write about any clients of Catalyst Global nor is any current or perspective client of Catalyst Global ever promised to be featured in a CG Focus List Alert as part of their relationship with Catalyst Global.

Principals or employees of CG Focus List Alert and Catalyst Global LLC may own stock in a CG Focus List company but in no circumstances will any CG Focus List or Catalyst Global employee or affiliate initiate a position to buy or sell a CG Focus List security within five trading days prior to the date of publication or five trading days after the date of publication.

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